Battlegrounds Mobile India to Disable Facebook Logins for Android Users From November 5

Battlegrounds Mobile India has announced that login with Facebook accounts will be disabled from November 5. This change will only affect Android users for now. Game maker Krafton says BGMI players who used the game to log in to Facebook will need to install the Facebook app on their smartphones. If this prerequisite is not met, the user will not be able to sign in using the Facebook option. This change, says BGMI, is due to a policy update on the Facebook SDK.

Krafton published a post on the company’s website to announce the November 5 date for this change to Facebook login. All Facebook account logging in embedded browser for Android devices will be disabled, BGMI said. Players will need to have the Facebook app installed on their smartphone in order to be able to sign in with their Facebook account.

As a result of this change, all Battlegrounds Mobile India players are advised to install the Facebook app if their game login is not a Facebook account. If you fail to do so, the BGMI account will be closed no later than 5 November, until conditions are not met. If you do not wish to install the Facebook app, those players will need to create a new account, using other methods, thus losing all their data.

As mentioned, only Android users are affected by this Facebook login change and iOS users remain unaffected by this update. The change was first announced by Battlegrounds Mobile India a few months ago but the exact date for this launch has not been announced. After 5 November, the login change will take effect.

Since the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India earlier this year, the game has allowed players to keep up with their progress and data from PUBG Mobile. Those who have used their Facebook or Twitter accounts to access PUBG Mobile can use the same accounts at Battlegrounds Mobile India and their data will be transferred to the new game. However, this data transfer method was closed again in September due to Facebook policy updates. The new policy update is related to the Facebook software development kit (SDK) that blocks access to Facebook accounts with a browser embedded in Android devices.

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