BGMI Mobile : How to Find and Use a Flare gun

It is a common concept of all players floating around with their parachute, wishing to put their hands on a big gun. Unusual but game-changing discovery, a deep gun spread across the map and comes with the opportunity to drive only one drop, however, one drop can help you and your other broadcasters get closer to that much – waiting for a chicken dinner.

If you think that such a large gun is such an important weapon, it is important that you not only look for the right places but also use it to the best of your ability.

Here are some of the best places on the map to see the gunfire:

  1. Georgia: Users have a higher chance of installing a gun here. Three floors and containers more often than not will have this aggressive weapon. However, it is a very dangerous place as most experienced players come here in hopes of a good robbery and guaranteed execution.
  2. Sosnovka Military Base: Another popular place to reduce and high risk, the military base is a good place to have fun. Hidden inside tall buildings, caves, sightings or a factory ensures you arrive very quickly. As it is a great place to hunt flare, make sure your team is there to protect the cover from any approaching enemies.
  3. Novorepnoye: A place with a high level of looting, make this one of my favorite players. Inside the many boxes and warehouses, you may have found yourself on fire.
  4. Myylta Power: If you are a regular user, you are still in the search for PUBG MOBILE but you are in the team of experienced players, this is a good retreat for you. While the chances of a sudden attack are high, the entire sleeping bag makes a list of one large structure that makes it easy for the group to cover with their access to power. While it remains unconfirmed here, you still have a chance if luck wins.
  5. Shooting range: Newbies are finally down trying to catch their first opening. The risk goes down a bit as most professional players like some drops in this but you will definitely have to remove some riders who are trying their luck here. At the top of the boxes are some good places to warm yourself, for it is a small place that is easy to get in here at first, put your hands on the beautiful one and you are on your way!

Tips and tricks while using a flare gun

  1. Outside: Make sure you shoot with an open gun in an open area, which also allows you to seek cover. This gun is noisy, which is why a gun can reveal your location, so make sure you hide in a safe place while you wait for it to pull down.
  2. Be on your toes: Immediate outbursts draw the attention of many opponents, so in order to get rid of clutter while maintaining your safety, make sure you apply the brakes as soon as possible and move quickly.
  3. The Right Employer: Players who not only want to protect the loot that comes with a drop, but also who want to get a few good degrees while they are there, make sure you get a high enemy retreat in a safe hiding place. Get rid of your rivals and get into the good stuff.
  4. No Me in the Team: To be successful as a team, you need to play as a team. While players can claim all the spoils from them, this could cost them the game if they do not make a sudden attack. Inform your team members, then select a good location on the map by calling. While 2 can be destructive, others can associate themselves. Teams can decide between themselves, which player they keep to their full potential and who gets into the fat.
  5. Adequate stockpiling stocks: Drops will not be the only thing players rely on to rob. Before shooting your explosion, make sure you have enough ammunition, ammunition and health services as you may need to take part in the shooting to get down.
  6. Patience is a good thing: After taking over the world, don’t let your happiness get the best of it.

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