Eternals Movie Review: Finally, A Marvel Movie For Martin Scorsese

After Robert Downey’s Tony Stark, along with him, released Thanos from the end of the game, half the world’s people came back to life and saw the whole drama (and perhaps a popcorn bath in their heroic hands) become Eternal. A group of demigods were assigned to the planet by the Celestials (powerful cosmic creatures, for the first time in the universe) for protection at any cost. Series (Gemma Chan), today, is fighting Deviant, an Eternals colleague who was believed to have been exterminated years ago but has returned. Sersi did something very ‘amazing’ by making family reunions with other Eternals who came with a different history with them.

The biggest ‘lost’ (thousands of years) of Sersi’s ex-boyfriend Ikaris (Richard Madden) with a laser machine-like Cyclops. We have Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), who is currently a Bollywood star, but using his hands (unlike Ikaris ’eyes) to express cosmic power, Sprite (Lia McHugh) is a 12-year-old fraud expert, Phastos (Brian). Tyree Henry) apart from being Marvel’s first gay hero who is clearly a team expert, Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) is one of Flash’s Eternals but can’t speak making him ‘Marvel’s second hero’ in this movie (deaf hero), Druig (Barry Keoghan) studying the minds of the people to control them, Gilgamesh (Don Lee) has great power and Thena (Angelina Jolie), the goddess of war at present.

They were led by Ajak (Salma Hayek), who was the only one who could speak to Arishem (the judge of each). The Eternals are opposed to something contrary to Arishem’s predestined plan to destroy planet Earth. All ten of these combine to create a legend that lasts more than 7000 years in 2 hours and 30 strange minutes.

Eternals Movie Review: Script Analysis

Chloe Zhao (Songs My Brother Taught Me, Nomadland) sent the movie to Marvel director Kevin Feige quoting William Blake’s poem Auguries of Innocence and gave him a picture of a grain of sand. The poem begins with “Seeing the Land of the Sands
And the Sky in Wild History
Hold the Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternal by the Hour… ”This is exactly what is happening with the Eternals, holding an endless amount of drama, emotions, civil strife, love, lost love in the palm of your hand, and eternity in two and thirty-seven hours. minutes. Zhao co-writes this with other screenwriters Patrick Burleigh, Ryan Firpo, Kaz Firpo and has edited the most amazing Marvel movie yet.

I walked into the theater wearing a Justice League tea for fun, after reading a disappointing Eternals review that convinced me that this would be a good story. I have already booked another show and almost ironed my Marvel tee to see the magic of Zhao as a fan and not as a critic. Having said that, I also understand why my fellow critics are disappointed because the Eternals not only are breaking the Marvel statue but it is completely destroying it (as well as people’s previous expectations for it).

Despite the framework similar to “uniting a team to save the planet Earth creatures”, Eternals is more about an internal war than a group of heroes doing great things together to eliminate the Red-headed beast. Zhao focuses on Series’ relationships with people that strengthens his belief in the victory of the creator of all, and highlights the connection between Ikaris and Icarus (the boy who flew so close to the sun), who also reflects Onna’s inner struggle to believe and remember. loved. All this except for the first Marvel Gay hero who is a man of the family who does not want to return to fighting rebels, a deaf hero who adds an emotional drama and comic-relief to Kumail Nanjiani. I know I am repeating myself but all this in 150 minutes.

Chloe Zhao’s love for the desert rises with Ben Davis’ cinematography as he makes you breathe in the middle of a flying sandstone while these goddesses decide the fate of the world by fighting alone.

Eternals Movie Review: Star Performance

Gemma Chan brings the necessary cunning to Sersi (in stark contrast to Game Of Thrones’ Cersei) and maintains chastity in order to fully show her character’s sympathy for the people. Richard Madden wore a costume before facing the famous fights, and that helps him relax on Ikaris ’skin.

Kumail Nanjiani is incredibly happy with all the particles of his Indian well-founded side next to Harish Patel. Lia McHugh plays an old hero trapped in the body of a 12-year-old child and the boy shows envy at the same amount of panache. Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos doesn’t add much to it except the first one you’ve read three times in Marvel. Lauren Ridloff adds a sufficient amount of emotion to being the nameless one.

Barry Keoghan plays a decent di * khead by following his rational beliefs like Druig but he doesn’t get enough screen time to be remembered enough. Don Lee as Gilgamesh shares a beautiful little episode with Angelina Jolie and although it is the most unexpected, they both shine brightly. Salma Hayek breaks her character with the way she pronounces Mexican but is still as good as Ajak and that is what her character is designed to look for. Kit Harington shared just a few scenes with the promise of all of the next Eternals.

Eternals Movie Review: Direction, Music

The whole Martin Scorsese-Marvel drama was exactly about the point beautifully addressed by Chloe Zhao in this one. Though I’ve been team Marvel in the debate but after seeing Eternals, I felt to the core of my heart what Scorsese was trying to say. Zhao takes Marvel’s cinematic universe subtracting most of the usual things we’ve seen before adding humanism to each of her characters.

I entered the cinema hall without watching a single promo and reading a single detail about the film. Throughout, I tried to guess who could be the music composer and I was juggling between Ludwig Göransson & Michael Giacchino but it was the climax that made me realise how this could be the comeback of Ramin Djawadi to Marvel. He did compose the music for Iron Man (2008) when it all started and now he’s here with the first multi-hero film of phase 4. Music in the climax sequence will take you back to Game Of Thrones’ ‘Light Of The Seven’ cementing Djawadi’s love for soul-crushing arias.

Eternals Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, People are complaining there’s isn’t ‘Marvel’ in Eternals, I’d just conclude by answering all of them by saying – even if this had enough Marvel, y’all would’ve been the first ones to say ‘Eternals tries to mimic Endgame but fails because of Chloe Zhao’s arthouse intervention’. It’s hard to keep everyone happy!

Eternals Movie Trailer

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