How to Back Up Your Android Phone

YOUR PHONE is the guardian of your digital life. It has that video of your child’s first words, a heartwarming message from one of the most notable ones that you will never fail to impress, and the latest from your favorite mobile game. You’ve invested in getting it the way you want it, and there are memories that can’t be put back on the board. Spending a few minutes backing up is the minimum you have to pay to make sure you don’t lose everything.

We’ll show you how to save your Android phone in a few ways, so choose the one that is attractive. We have different instructions for backing up your iPhone and how to back up your computer.

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Backing up to Google

A simple and easy backup option is Google’s cloud service, built on Android.

  1. Go to Settings, Google, and select Backup.
  2. You can see how much storage space is available for the Google account you have signed up for.
  3. Below that, you’ll probably see the Backup option in Google Drive by switching next to it. (If you have Google One installed, it might say Backup in Google One.) Make sure it’s turned on.
  4. There is a Back up now button below. Tap. Keep in mind that backups may take a few hours to complete if you have not done a backup before. It is best to leave your phone connected to the charger and connected to Wi-Fi overnight.
  5. The section below shows the details of your backup. Tap on photos and videos and make sure backup and sync is turned on. You can also do this in the menu in the Google Photos app.
  6. Under the Backup data section, you can tap Google Account data (also accessible via Settings, Accounts, [Your Google Account], Account Sync). This is where you can choose what to sync with your Google Account. The list of toggles from here varies depending on the apps and services you use.

Manage backups and additional storage

You can find your backups in the Google Drive app by tapping the menu at the top left and select Backups.

It can be challenging to stay under 15 GB of free Google Drive storage, so you might consider signing up for the program with Google One. You can get 100 GB for $ 2 a month or $ 20 a year, 200 GB for $ 3 a month or $ 30 a year, and 2 TB for $ 10 a month or $ 100 every year per year. You can share this storage with up to six family members.

The Google One app offers more insight and control over your backups, which are located on the Storage tab listed under Device Backup.

You may not want to pay for extra space, so let’s see how you can save files directly to your computer before we move into other storage services.

Back up your Windows PC

It’s easy to back up files from your Android phone to a Windows PC. Here’s what:

  1. Connect your phone to the USB port on your desktop or laptop.
  2. Drag down the notification shadow on your phone and look for a notification from Android System that says something like charging this device via USB, Tap to find more options and then tap.
  3. See the File Transfer option and select.
  4. Now a window should appear on your PC, or open Windows File Explorer and click your phone listed at the bottom left of this PC.
  5. You can go into folders and copy and paste any files you want to back up. This is not a very easy-to-use structure, however. For example, your photos will probably be in a folder with the DCIM label, of the camera.

If you want something like iTunes to manage this process or app to manage wireless backup from phone to PC, then you can find various premium options online, though we do not recommend any of them. If you are trying to transfer files from your Android phone to a PC, try using Microsoft’s free Your app.

Backup Your Mac

Backing up files from your Android phone to Mac is also straightforward. Here’s what:

  1. Install the official Android File Transfer program on your Mac.
  2. Connect your phone to the USB port on your Mac.
  3. The Android File Transfer window should open on your Mac, and you will see a list of folders and files on your phone.
  4. Log in and copy and paste any files you want to save. You may need to search to find the files you want. For example, your photos will be in a folder labeled DCIM, Camera.
  5. There are other MacOS premium apps that offer an experience similar to iTunes, but we have nothing to prove.

Back up your Chromebook

Here’s how to save files from your Android phone to Chromebook:

  1. Connect your phone to the USB port in your Chromebook.
  2. Drag down the notification shadow and look for a notification from the Android System that says something like charging this device via USB, Tap to find other options and then tap.
  3. See the File Transfer option and select.
  4. The filesystem will open on your Chromebook, and you can drag any files you want to copy to.

Backing up another cloud service

Maybe you’ve run out of Google storage or opted for another cloud service. There are Android apps for Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, MEGA, Box, and more. Most of them offer free cloud storage, but what you can backup and how you do it varies from app to app.

We’ve looked at how to save mobile photos to a few of these before, and you can set them to be default, or some files should usually be backed up manually. If you want to automatically sync photos and other files across devices using one of these services, check out the Autosync app. There are some types of Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, and Box.

Whatever service you choose, be sure to keep your cloud storage safe and secure.

Back up Samsung

If you have a Samsung phone, then you have additional backup options. We recommend sticking to Google, as Samsung backups can only be restored to Samsung phones, but if you want to do a second backup or plan to stick to Samsung, here’s how to use Samsung’s cloud service:

  1. Go to Settings, Accounts and Backup, then back up and restore.
  2. Under a Samsung account, tap Backup data (backup option with your Google Account is also listed here). You will need to create and sign in to your Samsung account if you have not already done so.
  3. Tick ​​everything you want to back up and tap Back up below.
  4. Samsung also offers a Smart switch, an app that lets you back up your smartphone to a Windows or Mac computer. It makes it easy for anyone switching to a Samsung phone to copy all of their data. Sadly, while Smart backup backups can be made from most Smartphones, they can only be restored to Samsung phones.

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