Love Story full movie leaked online by Tamilrockers and Review

Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi’s latest film Love Story have become the latest crime, victims. The movie was released by Tamilrockers within a few hours of its release. The popular movie hijacking site has now made several links available to download the movie for free in HD quality. Also available on Telegram and Movierulz.

The Telugu film, directed by Sekhar Kammula, depicts the journey of two sharp people, who meet their livelihood talent and fall in love. The trailer made fans love the dance of Sai Pallavi, best known for it.

The epidemic has already affected the movie business as long as theaters remain closed. In some parts of the country, theaters are still closed. And as films leak online, producers find it difficult to produce a business. Films like Malik, Tuck Jagadish, Darbar, Varma, and many other South Indian films have faced the wrath of looting.

Not only South Indian films, but even Bollywood films have also been the victims of looting. Many films make big budgets including Radman Khan’s Salman Khan who is at risk of being robbed as they were available for free online.

In addition to Love Story, Chaitanya will also appear in Bangaraju alongside actress Nagarjuna and Thank You and actress Rashii Khanna. The actor will be seen for the first time in India alongside actor Aamir Khan in Laal Singh Chadha. Meanwhile, Sai Pallavi is awaiting the release of his Telugu films Virata Parvam starring Rana Daggubati and Shyam Singha Roy and Nani.

How does one define respect? Is sleep following the rules of this section, or is sleep creating a safe environment and instilling confidence in the child to be able to talk when things go wrong? Director Sekhar Kammula uses the most entertaining artist platform to make the family audience stand out.

Love Story has everything caught up in Kammula’s film. Music (original composer Pawan Ch) can take us off our feet, a powerful moving girl dancing like a dream and the hero is a perfect gentleman. Love flourishes on the plains of middle-class villages in Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad. As the film progresses to a more dignified place, there is nothing better than life, it shows how the film can absorb it if there is a good text.

In Armoor, Telangana, Revanth (Naga Chaitanya) grew up listening to his mother (Easwari Rao) reiterating the importance of leadership and living with dignity. You tell him that it is better to be in a situation where you can provide financial assistance than to get it. Revanth’s is a success story; has a small Zumba center in the big city. There are challenges, but you are in a situation where you can hire someone.

Sekhar compares this to Monica (Sai ​​Pallavi), a very tall girl who comes to town with dreams in her eyes. His family owns hectares of land, but he has to fight for his rights – financial and so on. He realizes that his low marks in engineering will not earn him a salary. After a long day of happy days (2007), when Kammula focused on engineering facilities, he showed us the other side – an engineer who embraced his dance art to stay healthy, rather than pressing keys on a computer from dawn to dusk. Monica gets its flying wings but lives in constant fear that its family will not allow its work. He says ‘narakam’ (hell) and you can sympathize with his grief.

In the city, there is no difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’, at least at the highest level. Revanth and Mouncia can take Zumba and dance classes together and make a living. However, social divisions are highlighted in the case of one couple.

Back in Armoor, there are talk shows where Revanth and his mother continue to be looked down upon by the elite family. His work is ridiculed and one does not think twice before giving him second-hand shirts.

The proper bonds of Mounica and Revanth from the past serve as the key to love. Tired of being divided into categories. He too is struggling with a complex issue and needs to have the courage to speak up. He finds comfort in the city since he can breathe freely, and he does not have to look over his shoulder for safety. In a clever way, he tells Revanth that he will dance on the condition that he can sit two feet high. We know he is not talking about caste; something left his scar.

It’s a film where it all comes together in collaboration. Naga Chaitanya and Shai Pallavi have put their parts together to match the characters they impersonate. Chaitanya is natural and an icon with all sincerity, getting the role that defines work. Sai Pallavi is very beautiful, expressing a little fear of Monica. Resources for the beautiful cameo of Easwari Rao and Gangavva. Rajeev Kanakala works as a symbol of arrogance and evil successfully, until I finally hated him completely.

Filled with a few scenes near the Purana Pul (computer graphics?), A reminder of the historical love story Hyderabad is associated with. Revanth and Monica also have to cross this bridge between storms, figuratively speaking, to start a new life.

Love Story may be another Sairaat, but Sekhar cleverly directs it differently to the final act. Romance is one of the most common forms of entertainment in the world, and it is often viewed as dangerous. But this kept me investing; I watched as I took a deep breath, hoping Revanth and Mounica would cross the street.

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