Propeller Ads Review And Detailed Information 2021

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Propeller Ad Review

Propeller Ads Media is one of the leading networks of Pop-Under ads, direct ads, Banner Ads, and Mobile Dialog / Push Up ads and Interstitial ads.

Propeller Ad Features

Higher Payments

200% payouts are higher than anywhere else due to the detailed performance of each site and the selection of the most effective campaigns.

Quick payments

Quick and up-to-date payments with any convenient payment method.

100% monetization

100% monetization of your assets in all ad formats at high CPM prices. Try now to maximize profits from your site.

Propeller ad format

Clear ads to support almost all types of formats. From banners to Pop-Unders (‘Onclick Ads), and ads, as they are in all formats.

Benefits of ad screws, advertising formats:

Automatic campaigns by country, and location for
It has the highest CPM rates, including ad networks, in Onclick format
Through more than 3,000 effective propaganda campaigns worldwide
Quick and responsive support from your personal manager
Al controls, to remove any harmful or suspected ads
Detailed and effective, real-time reporting
Quick and easy payments, 15 savings
100% of stock revenue – easy to register, and quick start
Ad format
Web-ad format
Banner (300 x 250), (468 x 60), (728 × 90), (160 × 600), (120 × 600), (320 x 50), (800 x 440), (800 x 600) , (800 × 600):

It supports almost all sizes and shapes. CPMs, posters, quotes, for the most part, depend on CTR values but tend to be HIGH. So, CPM is, and what’s better for $ 1-2, as shown in the picture, my figures are high.

Popunder (‘Onclick Ads):

Conversely, pop-ups, Pop-under, are less annoying and help to get 200% more visitors coming over to your site. This does not affect the result, which is classic, ad formats, and will lower your rankings in search engines.


Good media performance – entertainment/defense game.

Mobile Advertising Formats:

Ad / Push-Ups Chat Box

Best Push-Up ads are the best mobile data traffic ads. I use it on my new mobile site, and it works like magic. with CPM over $ 2.

Interstitial spaces:

Internal ads are a great way to promote mobile traffic, which is highly profitable.

Other Formats:

In-banner video (Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll, Pre -, during the match):

Between 10 and 30 seconds, on video, presented before video, before downloading any content or any flash game. Locations of a certain number of media release videos on Youtube and monetize them.

Controls, an ad link, and other formats:

There are many advertising campaigns for their products, in an unusual way.

Real-life personal story for Propeller ads

I started web development and IM in 2013. I have created a download site with the most popular and highly competitive niche “PC SOFTWARES”. With top websites like, (owned by CNET),, and, there was no chance for a beginner like me to deal with this. Well, then I spent a lot of money on marketing and assisting Search Engine which results in Traffic reaching 5000 visitors a day. Now it was time to make money on my road as I had spent a lot of money.

I’ve tried Adsense ads for what every beginner will do. Unfortunately, Adsense did not approve my site for some reason. I tried banner ad networks but in the end, with CPM $ 0.01 and 3000 daily traffic would give me $ 0.03 daily and almost $ 1 every month while spending a lot of money on marketing and SEO. CERTAINLY !!!.

Then this MIRACLE happened! I received Propeller ads and considered using their advertising service to market my site. My daily visitor statistics have improved but what about making money? So I tried Their Publishing Service and registered as a publisher.

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