PUBG 2: A PUBG sequel with better graphics releasing next year?

PUBG aka PlayerUnknown battlefields is very popular in the BR community. Although the game initially won a prestigious title among leading players on PC, and console, it’s advertising on mobile games took the world by storm. PUBG was banned in India last year, but developers brought the Indian avatar Battlegrounds Mobile India and are now preparing for the release of the upcoming BR title PUBG New State featuring modern settings and advanced weapons. While PUBG is still playing in other areas (excluding China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Korea, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, and Iraq), reports now suggest that Krafton is operating in its own right.

PUBG 2: When to release, more details about the sequence

According to leaker PlayerIGN, Krafton Amsterdam reportedly hires a technical director and technical animator to work on a “new unannounced project” based on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. Loaker has identified specific details revealing the PUBG sequence. According to Alt Char, the PUBG 2 sequel is recommended as a separate game instead of a revival to the existing BR title.

Loakster also revealed that Krafton discussed promoting PUBG into Unreal Engine 5 at an internal meeting. The company is said to be looking to hire someone to work with the Artistic Director, Game Director, and Producer. The Twitter post also refers to an ongoing work called X1.

While the lobster has been able to obtain important details from what is thought to be a PUBG sequel, there is no guarantee from Krafton whether the creators are working on the next version. Reports even predict that it could be an engine update on an existing game, similar to Overwatch 2.

However, choosing to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 could mean that players will see better graphics in PUBG and new features. Updates are expected to register on PC and console first. “The PUBG 2 (PC / console) thing is something we’re still waiting for in 2022,” said the data officer.

While we are still going to hear anything from concrete engineers, students are advised to pick it up with a pinch of salt. In a related letter, PUBG Corp., Krafton Inc designed for PUBG: New State is set to arrive shortly on the platform. This new version will parachute players into a new 8 × 8 maps called Troi. The game set for 2051 will feature future cars, and locations that could be very destructive.

Krafton’s entire area of ​​Playerunknown’s battlefields is already expanding. Its hot PUBG Mobile recently acquired an Indian version called Battlegrounds Mobile India as a last-ditch operation by the Indian government, while its next study will be determined by what PUBG: New State battle royale will deliver. The latter comes later this year, but Krafton may have another game-raising game. There may be PUBG 2 in the current build and there may be a PUBG follow-up.

The Twitter user PlayerIGN reported that Krafton Amsterdam has hired a technical director and technical animator for the “unknown project”. The people in these two roles will work with the Artistic Director, the Game Director, and the Producer at Krafton. Tipster also said it would be an AAA game based on Unreal Engine 5, and according to him, the PUBG approach was “discussed a few months ago”.

Now, this information is making the whole of PUBG confusing, especially with PUBG: New State arriving late in the year. But to make things a little clearer, PUBG 2 will be a PC game that will come as a sequel to the existing PUBG game. According to a separate report from Alt Char, there is actually another PUBG poem that stands out in the construction, but it will be a one-story play. This means that it will not depend too much on the current gameplay of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Krafton’s plan for its next games is unclear at the moment, but if it is based on Unreal Engine 5, we can expect a lot of improvements. Unreal Engine 5 already powers many games, including Fortnite, and these are some of the best-looking games right now. This means that any sequence planned by Krafton will have the best drawings so far in its sports family. PUBG 2 will reach both PCs and consoles sometime in 2022, according to reports.

The tipster also wrote on Twitter that a leak from Nvidia has revealed that there is a game called X1 that is currently being developed. It is very likely that this X1 game is similar to PUBG 2, and will use Nvidia’s latest graphics cards. But both Krafton and Nvidia are still going to confirm something like this, so I would suggest you take this information a little bit of salt right now. Reported start times are still far away and there is a good chance they will change as we move forward.

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